Saturday, August 13, 2011

We have Gyprock! 18/06/11

As I approached the site on this day, the scene was exactly as I had pictured in my head. A few Asian men, cigarette in one hand, drill in the other, zapping away and covering our house in gyprock. They didnt speak much english but what they lacked in communication skills they certainly made up in thier speed of work. It only would have taken them two days or so but offcourse the skirtings and cornice will take a little longer. Prior to this stage, if your builder / site supervisor allows it, you may do some wiring of home theatre systems, intercoms, security etc as this is pretty much the last chance you will have. However any data or power cabling must be done by a licensed electrician. In our case we are very lucky to have an amazing site supervisor who has made our lives / build much easier and relatively stress free so far.
 Kitchen area
 Kitchen area
 Entrance and study on the right
 The waterproofing for wet areas was done shortly afterwards and tiling also started
 Main bathroom
Our massive downstairs shower

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