Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Keys! 29/08/11

Its Done! The house is ours! Met our SS at midday today, went over things that had been fixed and what was left to do. Had a quick look around, everything looked good! So next stop was Narellan, a good hours drive but well worth the wait. Handed over the final payment and got some shiny metal in return. Oh and a gift pack too! Just realised how much we have to do and the fact that we havent even begun to pack. Next few posts are going to be pictures galore so those with low quota beware! Timber booked in for tomorrow, should take two days to complete. Also a little bit of concreting too.


  1. Hey Abhishek,
    I've just been reading your blog and wanted to thank you for the interesting account of building a new house. I can only imagine you've been really busy; but I was wondering if there is a conclusion install for the near future?
    I'd love to read your final chapter in your exciting journey.
    I hope all has worked out well for you and your family.

  2. Its really great news. You have been waiting for this moments since long time. I am waiting for some fresh pics of your home.

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  6. Hello Abhishek, now that it's been 5+ years since you got the keys to your home, could you please tell if there have been any issues with the build?
    Thanks, Ajay