Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Kitchen Drama 27/07/11

Regarding that funny indented cupboard two posts ago, Timpelle Kitchens have said they can fix it however at an additional labour cost. We really cant be bothered arguing any further about this so we have no choice but to pay. We were quoted $300 to fix it but were finally charged $350. Now on to another problem. The kitchen sink has been installed incorrectly. It is currently sticking out of the nib wall and is not according to our plan. Also we had asked for an underbench oven with cooktop option as opposed to the standard standalone. It looks like they will have to replace the entire ceaserstone benchtop. Our site supervisor has told us that this will not be a problem to fix at all, and without any charges as it is clearly not according to our plan/contract. Some pictures below

In other news, we are locked out!

Our beautiful front door above. The tiler has finally completed his work. It was a single lonesome man doing the tiling to our whole house. No wonder it has taken him about two weeks to complete. This is probably the only thing that has felt a bit slow in progress in our build so far.

 Main Bathroom nieche

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