Monday, August 29, 2011

House inspection 19/08/11

Since we have been constantly updaed by our site supervisor, we hoped that there wouldnt be too many problems to find. Our kitchen cupboards had already been fixed, with the kitchen sink to be moved early next week. Theres always the thought of hiring a private inspector to go over things that you might have missed. My suggestion is that if you're really not sure what to look out for, it might be a good idea. Basically the things we would be checking are: paint, opening and closing EVERYTHING, lights, powerpoints, check the walls are straight and level, cornice / skirting, location of tv - telephone points etc, scratches and the inclusions list. We were'nt too fussed as builders usually give 3 months maintenance period where you can find and document faults for them to fix. The build quality of Wisdom Homes has been very good so far. The only problems we found were a few minor scratches, areas to be repainted and possibly 1 missing whirlybird. Nothing to worry about really. For those worried about a really thorough inspection I found a great website. Its
A lot of great advice on what to look out for. Also includes a link to the aussie building standards and a checklist guide. Generally a great website for those building. Wish I had found it sooner.
In other news our driveway was completed yesterday and it looks absolutly amazing. Our SS had told us to expect handover for 29/08/11. Cant wait!

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