Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kitchen drama 6/07/11

At this stage the kitchen had started to get installed. All looked well from a distance. We were a bit worried how the nib wall (servery style wall behind sink to hide tap and dish-drainer etc) would look. But in my opinion it turned out great especially since we had done it in polyeurathane.

Upon closer inspection of the microwave cupboard next to our fridge space we noticed something a bit strange. They had decided to push this cupboard space into the wall, meaning that these were now recessed into the wall while the rest of the cupboards were flush with the gyprock wall. I could not begin to understand why they would design this in such a way. We frantically looked at out kitchen plans trying to understand this strange design. To give you an idea of what the actual display kitchen looks like, I will show you a picture.
Now I understand this is an upgraded kitchen, but if they are doing so much as indenting a wall they should have at least pointed out this difference to us? We were told about the cupboards, sink and benchtop difference but nothing about this. We hope that this can be fixed.The site supervisor is unable to help us as he is simply "going by the drawings". It is quite impossible to see this indent in the front and top views that we recieved of the kitchen drawings. So we will have to take this matter up with Timpelle Kitchens. On a more positive note, the rest of the kitchen looks great


  1. Looks fantastic! I love your idea for the kitchen bench!!!!

  2. Looks amazing after finished. Lady who would be working in this kitchen would be felt like it is dream kitchen for her.