Friday, May 20, 2011

Tender Presentation to Council approval - 07/10 to 12/10

During this period we had a number of changes / revisions that we made to our tender. Our preliminary plans were drawn by 14.08.10 but we made even more changes and this delayed the start of our build a bit further. Also we had to get approval by The Ponds Board before it would be sent off to Blacktown Council. Finding a suitable brick that The Ponds wouldn’t reject was our biggest nightmare as it seemed as though their minds kept on changing. We wanted to avoid spending extra on bricks if possible.  Our bricks were rejected about three times between the Board and Wisdom homes. Some reasons being: discontinuation and not being able to make them in an exposure grade for the so called saline soil at The Ponds. However we finally did it! The Ponds Board took about 2-3 weeks to approve. During this time we also had to lodge a landscape plan. We decided to save ourselves some money and do this ourselves. How hard could it possibly be? It took me two attempts, but it passed without any major hurdles.

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  1. Hi Abhishek

    CAn you please send a screenshot of how that preliminary plans looks luke ?