Thursday, June 30, 2011


Some tile selection shots:

 Outdoor tile
 Bathroom choice 1

Bathroom Choice 2

We were pleasantly surprised at the included tile selection at De Lorenzo. We decided not to have too much variety and keep things simple with neutral colours offset by an eye catching niche or border. However beware of excessive costs for different grout colours (they even charge extra labour for this) and larger tile sizes.

We also settled on a carpet choice for our house. We will be carpeting the top floor and using timber floor for downstairs. I have to say the inclusive range for carpets was quite awful. Colour range was limited as was quality. An upgraded selection is not currently within our budget so we will have to put up with some basic carpet and basic underlay for now. For those interested there are three levels of carpet underlay available, going from thin to thick. A thicker underlay provides a softer feel and may be of benefit in high traffic areas.
 This is the carpet that we have decided to go with
The inclusive range is both sides of this rack. Sorry for the low quality phone pics here

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