Friday, April 22, 2011

27/02/10 – Land Reserved

It was a late February Friday afternoon and new blocks of land were scheduled for release the next day.  It wasn’t even dark yet and there were already lines of cars and people camping out in eager anticipation of next morning.  It was then we knew that we too would have to camp out if we wanted our dream land. And so we did, spending the night in the car and hoping that number 8 in the queue would suffice.  We did however get to spend some time with some of our future neighbours, which made us glad to be hopefully part of such a friendly neighbourhood.  Luckily enough as the sun rose the next morning; we were able to secure the land of our choice. Very lucky indeed.

A Reservation fee of $200 was paid on the day and a 5% deposit was to be paid 21 days later and contracts exchanged.  What next? You wait for the land to be registered. An estimated month of July was given however ours registered earlier in June. It is pretty import to keep track of when the land will be registered as you only get about 1 week from that day to pay off the land. The land we picked is located in the Alba neighbourhood and has a very funky street name. Our little piece of Australia:

For those that don’t know, The Ponds is a new suburb about 1 hour from Sydney City. It is close to shops, schools and has sports fields, tennis courts, cycling tracks and is pretty close to public transport also. The M7 isn't far but the library and leisure centre is even closer. Plenty of parks to be found as well.

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